Brandhood Podcast with Nathan Shooter

Season 2, Ep 1: Speaker Showreel Secrets with Emma Hawker

October 26, 2020

Want more speaking engagements? A Speaker Showreel could be the weapon you’re looking for.

Getting booked on stages, whether physical or virtual, is the most powerful way to share your message and grow your business.


However, it can be overwhelming to develop marketing strategies, create social media campaigns, all while following up leads and nurturing networks. Honestly, it’s a lot.

During Nathan's interview with Emma Hawker, CEO and co-Founder of ALTAFY, you’ll learn:


  • The biggest mistakes speakers make when creating Speaker Showreels.
  • The essential footage to include in your Speaker Showreel.
  • What to do when you have no live event footage during COVID-19.

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While you're there, register you interest in the upcoming 'Speaker Showreel Secret' online course!


If you’re ready to increase your influence and grow your business by sharing your message on stages, join us on this episode now!

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