Brandhood Podcast with Nathan Shooter

25: How to Master Passion | feat. Moustafa Hamwi [Dubai]

September 9, 2017

Have trouble discovering what your passions are? In this episode you’ll be inspired to start finding out what you’re good at, enjoy doing and how it can bring value to the world. Passion can create a life of fulfilment, rather than fleeting happiness.

Special Guest: the Passionpreneur, Moustafa Hamwi (Dubai)

Moustafa Hamwi started his career in Dubai as a telesales operator, eventually working his way up starting several entrepreneurial ventures that became businesses worth US$15 million in less than 4 years.

He was also heavily involved in the nightlife scene, which lead to him becoming stressed, depressed and anxious. Moustafa then consulted for the government of Abu Dhabi, yet even with his career booming, he still felt empty. That was the beginning of his personal development journey.

This yearning triggered a one-way trip to India where he spent time in the Himalayas with a Swami who had lived in caves for 13 years. His trip changed his life and woke him up to answer the questions:

  • If this was it…did my life matter?

  • What difference have I made to this world?

  • Did I fully live what was truly meaningful to me?

  • Did I do the best I can with all what I had?


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