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Contributors vs Critics [PART 1] feat. Troy Grant

June 4, 2017

When it comes to voicing our ideas, we have a choice to be a Contributor or a Critic. Which are you?

In this episode, we take a sneak peek behind the political scenes with NSW state politician, Troy Grant. We look at how we can be involved in public debate, voice our ideas and defend truths, all without leaving a trail of emotional destruction behind us.

Episode Highlights:

  • Understand the value of giving back to your community.
  • Realise that your life experiences will shape the way you respond to others.
  • Everyone has varying levels of resilience to criticism, politicians aren't immune.
  • Social Media is a wonderful tool, but can also cause hurt through anonymity.
  • "We get the government we deserve" - Thomas Jefferson.
  • Public issues should be awarded attention based on merit, not on volume.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to fact-check what we read in news channels.
  • Read news articles in their entirety, rather than just scanning the headlines.
  • Separate the content of an argument, from the character of the person.
  • Before writing-off relationships due to a disagreement, pursue common ground and look at the 'scorecard' of the person's history with you.
  • When voicing opinions, rather than simply repeating the problem, bring a solution or at least a solution-focused attitude to the exchange. 
  • It's in our self-interest to be collaborative, both at work and in our personal lives.
  • There's many opportunities to become involved in government, seek out how you can contribute to a local organisation.
  • If you've experienced criticism as a leader, be encouraged. Recall moments when your investment has impacted others, then allow memory to motivate you to keep going.

About the guest, Troy Grant

Former Deputy Premier of New South Wales, Troy Grant is a former police inspector with 22 years front line service protecting the community. He has been decorated with the Commissioner’s Commendations for Courage on two occasions. 

His career highlights include serving as the Minister for Trade and Investment, Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services, Minister for Tourism and Major Events, Minister for Hospitality, Gaming and Racing, Minister for the Arts, Minister for Justice and Police, Minister for the Arts and Minister for Racing. Troy was also awarded the National Police Service Medal in 2015.

You can find his full biography here.

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